Manufacturer of metal structures

Avaloninvest has its own production facilities within the city of Kropyvnytskiy, Ukraine. We carry out the manufacture of metal structures for household use, for outdoor advertising, industrial and civil purposes, as well as building metal structures for the construction of new and reconstruction of existing buildings and structures.

manufacturing of structural metal products

Steel structure manufacturing

Such a complex and high-tech process as the manufacture of metal structures is very important and necessary, with the ability to produce a large number of different products, their processing, drilling, milling. Manufacture of metal structures and parts of structures. Thanks to modern equipment, very complex works are also available using CNC machines, grinding and coordinate machines.

Metal structures to order

Laser cutting and plasma cutting of metal has become especially popular , which is widely used for high-precision and high-quality cutting of metal blanks, which allows the production of non-standard structures and design solutions. This is an excellent service in order to order the manufacture of metal structures according to individual drawings and sketches, which are approved together with specialists who evaluate and help to do everything at the best level. Manufacturing of metal structures of large and small sizes is what our company does. 

Metal structures manufacturing

First of all, not only the possibility of creating an interesting and attractive design is assessed, but also the requirements for achieving maximum strength, reliability, practicality during operation, transportation and installation work. As a protective coating for manufactured metal structures and to increase the aesthetics of design, different types of it are used: 

1.  hot or cold galvanizing;

2.  hammer, alkyd, powder coating;

3.  polymer coatings.

This is necessary to improve corrosion resistance, as well as to additionally add resistance to aluminum metal structures against various negative influences. 

Manufacturer of metal structures in Ukraine

Such structures are quite simply assembled, disassembled, and also transported from place to place, subject to all safety requirements and rules.

How to order metal structures

At the moment, metal structures are very important and basic structural elements for numerous buildings. Custom metal structures made of aluminum are very popular along with steel, but in individual projects you can specify any high-quality metals that are best suited for the construction of buildings.

metal fabrication supplier

In general, the whole process can be divided into three main stages:

1.  development - design is distinguished by the importance of performing any work at a quality level, because you need to develop a scheme, take into account the features of the object and check the combination of the future structure to the territory;

2.  production - the use of the selected rolled metal and the actions with it specified in the project in order to obtain a high-quality and reliable structure;

3.  protective coating - painting, galvanizing and other options that add attractiveness and safety during operation.

Separately highlighted: transportation and installation, which complete the creation of the project.

Steel Workshop
Manufacturing of metal structures to order can be arranged by phone or make an order for a preliminary calculation by sending us the terms of reference by e-mail.

Steel structure manufacturing in Kropyvnytskiy - some tips:

The price for the service Steel structure manufacturing is formed on the basis of your request after calculation by our managers. We can guarantee that the price for Steel structure manufacturing will not exceed the average market Kropyvnytskiy and the quality will please you.

How to order the service Steel structure manufacturing in Kropyvnytskiy

You can order Steel structure manufacturing in the Avaloninvest company by phone in the contacts, by sending the request by e-mail, or by contacting us via messengers.

Why Kropyvnytskiy orders Steel structure manufacturing from Avaloninvest

Comprehensive solution of the problem on time. We solve problems of metalworking as well as the manufacture of products and structures of varying complexity. The design department processes requests at the quality engineering level.

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