Cost of welding steel

Cost of welding steel

Welding is one of the branches of technology that is responsible for the processes of permanent joining of metals using alloys. This is done by applying concentrated heat to the area where the joint and welds are to be formed. Welding deals with the permanent connection of various types of materials by heating them and then melting them at the site of the future connection with or without the help of a filler metal. The heat source in this process is usually the welding arc, which is created by the action of the current generated by the welding current source. Over the years, many welding methods have appeared, each of which is designed for different types of materials. Welding requires the use of specialized equipment, work with which requires a certificate of competence.

The prices for welding work are influenced by many factors. The most important are: the place where the service is performed, the complexity of the project being performed, as well as the skills and experience of the welder. The highest welding costs are borne by residents of large urban areas, where the demand for welders' services exceeds the number of available specialists. In small towns, the price for work often corresponds to local salaries.

Стоимость сварочных работ

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Prices for welding work

The cost of welding services largely depends on whether a company or an individual is hired to perform the service. But still, before proceeding to the task, each welder should estimate the cost of welding work and familiarize the client with the price list. 

Cost of welding works:

welding of steel - from 500 UAH
stainless steel welding - from 600 UAH
welding of aluminum - from 700 UAH

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