Welding stainless steel

Welding stainless steel

Lately the huge popularity of welding stainless steel with argon. Working with this material, the welder must consider the fact that stainless steel, unlike aluminum, is a poor conductor of heat, making the stitches becomes heated and expands in volume. Because of this, to make a smooth and thin seam is very difficult. Argon welding of thin stainless steel requires particular vigilance, because in addition careless stitches, you can still get burnt through the model, which is not recoverable. At the same time, if the welder will leave blanks between the small gap, the seam will eventually be unaesthetic appearance.

Our specialists take into account all these details, so the welding of stainless steel is perfect.

Welding stainless steel price in Kropyvnytskiy

Price aluminum welding:

  • aluminum welding – 300 — 700 UAH/m
Stainless metal1-3 mm200 UAH

3-6 mm300 UAH
6-8 mm400 UAH
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Stainless steel welding is a complex and multifaceted process that must be approached with the utmost seriousness. Stainless steel welded with various welding techniques, as its physical qualities are different from the normal metal. This makes the welding process much more difficult and requires careful heating. The distinctive qualities of this metal include:
low temperature melting point;
low heat transfer characteristics;
high rate of thermal expansion.
Welding of stainless steel, carbon which is greater than 0.2%, requires additional heating. Workpiece thickness greater than 30 mm, it is also recommended to preheat during welding. In most cases, the temperature of 150°C.

Welding of stainless steel technical

Technical welding stainless steel does not differ from the welding of stainless steel food. But there are some nuances which don't really say the sellers of stainless steel, spot weld stainless steel technical the result of thermal influence of corrosion up to rust.

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Welding stainless steel food

Welding stainless steel food - it's business as usual for our welders, argandykov. They cleverly put a straight seam on stainless metal. Construction of food-grade stainless steel are smooth and aesthetic. Stainless steel weld metal after welding is treated either with chemicals to give it a natural color, or slivaetsja and polished to structure the rest of the material. As you know stainless steel is polished (mirror), satin (polished) and matte (foggy effect).

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Order welding of stainless steel in Kropyvnytskiy

If you need welding of stainless steel, available in Kropyvnytskiy you can in our online store. We employ only highly qualified professionals, who know all the details of his work and can weld any level of complexity not only quickly, but first of all qualitatively.
If you are interested in welding of stainless steel the cost, we assure you: we have it much lower than our competitors.
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Welding stainless steel in Kropyvnytskiy - some tips:

The price for the service Welding stainless steel is formed on the basis of your request after calculation by our managers. We can guarantee that the price for Welding stainless steel will not exceed the average market Kropyvnytskiy and the quality will please you.

How to order the service Welding stainless steel in Kropyvnytskiy

You can order Welding stainless steel in the Avaloninvest company by phone in the contacts, by sending the request by e-mail, or by contacting us via messengers.

Why Kropyvnytskiy orders Welding stainless steel from Avaloninvest

Comprehensive solution of the problem on time. We solve problems of metalworking as well as the manufacture of products and structures of varying complexity. The design department processes requests at the quality engineering level.

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