Welding of pipes

Welding of pipes

During the manufacture and installation of technological pipelines, the most common method of joining parts – welding of pipes. This process is quite time consuming, but at the same time is the most reliable way to connect the pipes.

Welding of pipes in Kropyvnytskiy

Service 'welding of pipes Kropyvnytskiy' has a huge popularity in the city. This is due to the fact that is constantly building new skyscrapers and there is a need to lay new pipelines for water and gas. By welding can be joined not only those tubes that go right but also on the corners. Welding of pipes at an angle – a common service which is often bought at laying new pipelines.

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Welding can be carried out industrially. This process can be used for pipes made of different materials – metallic and non-metallic. Also products can have any cross-section. The most commonly used welding round pipes but also popular and welding sections are rectangular or square tubing

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There are many types of welding. But they are divided into two types:

plastic (i.e., pressure);

fusion welding.

When routing pipelines used mainly the following types of welding:

gas manual;

manual electric arc;

automatic and semi-automatic arc submerged arc or gas field;


Welding stainless steel pipes

Welding of stainless steel tubes is slightly different from the welding of parts made of black steel. The complexity of this work lies in the molecular composition of the stainless metal. Preparation of stainless steel tubes to the welding is no different from preparing a conventional metal pipes.

Most often used two methods of welding stainless steel, orbital and argon welding. While orbital welding is a fully automated process and argon - arc welding technique in a gaseous environment.

If you are interested in welding stainless steel price, then it is formed dependent on the amount of work and material.

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The most widely used arc welding on AC and DC. If the method is used with DC welding, the pipe is connected the wire to 'plus'. To the electrode connect the 'minus'. This connection is called 'straight polarity'. If 'plus' is mounted on the electrode and minus - on the tube, it's 'reverse polarity'.

Welding of any pipe we produce

If you need welding profile pipes, you can contact the company 'Alyumarket'. The profile of the company – a wide range of services related to the processing of metals and metal products.

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  • Welding steel and iron pipe
  • Welding aluminum tubes
  • Welding stainless steel pipes
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Qualified professionals will be able to carry out welding work. Welding of aluminum pipes and welding of stainless steel tubes is the work they will perform efficiently and without delay. Also Avaloneast you can order the welding of pipes of a different material. For advice on a specific issue, contact our managers.

How to order weld pipes

To make an order for the welding of pipes in Avaloneast just. On the website there is a phone number that you can call and order the service. You also have the opportunity to send a request to the email address.

For such services as welding of pipes the price of company Avaloneast quite acceptable and will please every customer.

Welding of pipes in Kropyvnytskiy - some tips:

The price for the service Welding of pipes is formed on the basis of your request after calculation by our managers. We can guarantee that the price for Welding of pipes will not exceed the average market Kropyvnytskiy and the quality will please you.

How to order the service Welding of pipes in Kropyvnytskiy

You can order Welding of pipes in the Avaloninvest company by phone in the contacts, by sending the request by e-mail, or by contacting us via messengers.

Why Kropyvnytskiy orders Welding of pipes from Avaloninvest

Comprehensive solution of the problem on time. We solve problems of metalworking as well as the manufacture of products and structures of varying complexity. The design department processes requests at the quality engineering level.

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