Steel structures

Metal structures

Avaloninvest is a versatile tool for a comprehensive solution to the construction and manufacture of metal structures and metal products. An integrated approach that includes design, production and installation of metal structures saves you time and money.

Our core business is metal structures. Design, production, manufacture and installation of metal structures. Our own material and technical base, metalworking equipment and a staff of qualified specialists will quickly and efficiently solve any task.

metal structures manufacturing plant

Metal construction plant factory in Ukraine – Avaloinvest offers its customers integrated solutions for the construction, in the manufacture of structures and products from metal. The company's integrated approach is to design, manufacture, and install metal structures. All this significantly saves you time and money. At the same time, you get full pleasure from the process.

The company's core business is the creation of metal structures. We are a manufacturer of strong steel structures, regardless of whether they are intended for prefabricated halls of frame or arch type, for superstructures or extensions of houses. We have a large and professional material and technical base, modern processing equipment, as well as a team of highly qualified specialists who will solve the task in the shortest possible time and as accurately as possible.


For more than ten years, the Avaloninvest metalwork plant has been engaged in the production and manufacture of metal structures, metal products in Kiev and throughout Ukraine. Many successfully completed projects for the development, production and installation of structures made of metal, aluminum and stainless steel. We are a manufacturer of metal structures that has earned the title of a reliable partner in the Ukrainian market of metal structures, our structures find their customers both in the domestic market and in European countries. The metal structures that leave our factory meet all the requirements and standards, we guarantee the high quality of our structures and metal products, as well as a very competitive price.

metalwork construction factory Ukraine

Reliable metal structures from Avaloninvest

Metalwork manufacturing processes have complex characteristics related to time, space, mass, energy, and self-organization. They are reflected as multi-level, multi-factor, and multi-purpose optimization. But our company's specialists perfectly cope with the tasks set for them. And this is not surprising, because our company has been engaged in professional production and manufacturing of metal products for more than 10 years. During this time, we have established ourselves as a reliable manufacturer and partner in the Ukrainian market. Our clients are not only multi-profile companies in Ukraine, but also in Europe. Products that come out of our factory meet the highest quality standards, while having a competitive price.

The design Department of our factory carefully checks each product for defects, so you can be sure that you will receive a product of first-class quality.

Main services in metal working: 

  • laser cutting;
  • metal bending;
  • metal welding;
  • metal perforation;
  • powder coating painting. 

If you need high-quality and reliable metal structures in Kiev, order them now on the website of our company. We support our customers from analyzing their needs to commissioning, maintenance and continuous optimization. You can contact us at the phone number listed on the site.