Metal doors

Metal doors

Metal doors are very reliable door installations for residential premises and industrial buildings. They are very durable and resistant to various aggressive environments, weather conditions, and moisture resistant, convenient and reliable. Durability and sturdiness together with excellent performance, makes the metal doors popular and common among the population.

Metal doors for homes and apartments

A metal door is used mainly as entrance doors that perform protective functions, providing security to the premises. The strength of the metal provides excellent strength and durability, and still observed the optimal ratio of cost and properties.

As a slight drawback it is possible to allocate insufficient insulating function, because the metal is an excellent conductor of heat. Therefore, only metal doors not made, with the exception of products that are used for garages or in production.

Metal doors for the house are produced in the form of blocks, which are installed inside of the opening with little penetration from 15 to 30 mm under the concrete walls and from 40 to 60 mm for the brick. Additionally, the metal sheathed durable and reliable textile materials, leather, leatherette and other to provide the best supply of heat in the house. It is also possible to install two types of doors – metal and wood, which increases security and adds warmth.

Where to buy metal doors

Years earlier, to buy a metal door could mean only prestige, solidity and elegance, and their cost has allowed the purchase of only people with good financial position. Now metal doors are affordable prices that can be afford by anyone.

Buy metal entrance doors regardless of the strength of the walls, and if one or two sides no reliable consolidation. In this case, a channel frame, strut, which allow you to securely mount the box. Additional structures in this embodiment have fasteners that are located to the floor or ceiling.

The metal doors to the apartment can be purchased from reliable and popular company “Avaloninvest” that monitors all the modern technologies and produces excellent products at good prices. The functionality and attractive appearance will delight all those wishing to secure a house or apartment and get rid of drafts and heat loss.

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