Development of equipment

Development and design of equipment

Our company offers development and design of equipment, machinery, parts and components for domestic use and industrial applications.

Development of equipment is carried out by our designers in a short time and soon after the approvals of all the details, we will be able to start manufacturing Your equipment.

Our company has design Department, which includes certified specialists who have special education and sufficient experience in the development and design of custom equipment and mechanical fixtures to simplify manufacturing

The scope of non-standard equipment is very wide, it can be like an appliance and other devices to facilitate farming operations to large industrial lines and production of food products or building materials.

Our equipment is equipped with efficient mechanisms and modern electronics and sensors to automate a number of processes

Non-standard equipment, machines and mechanisms can often simplify the task and save a lot of time and money.

Don't delay - call our specialists and specify the information You need

Development of equipment in Kyiv - some tips:

The price for the service Development of equipment is formed on the basis of your request after calculation by our managers. We can guarantee that the price for Development of equipment will not exceed the average market Kyiv and the quality will please you.

How to order the service Development of equipment in Kyiv

You can order Development of equipment in the Avaloninvest company by phone in the contacts, by sending the request by e-mail, or by contacting us via messengers.

Why Kyiv orders Development of equipment from Avaloninvest

Comprehensive solution of the problem on time. We solve problems of metalworking as well as the manufacture of products and structures of varying complexity. The design department processes requests at the quality engineering level.

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